Science Museum Oklahoma is a remarkable venue to host corporate meetings, social events, and company retreats. The Museum hosts a variety of distinctive spaces from an aviation gallery, to a stunning art gallery, to a fun exhibit of optical illusions, while the Gardens feature a serene outdoor patio. Not only does the Museum offer customizable meeting spaces, but it also accommodates large, elegant dinners and dynamic events that are set to impress. To make your event even more memorable, your guests can also enjoy discounted admission to Museum exhibits, tours, and more.

Salt & Surrey offers our award-winning catering services at Science Museum Oklahoma. We provide a chef-driven culinary experience, as well as specialized event-planning services to bring your vision to life and meet all of your catering needs.

The Museum spaces are available both during and after regular business hours. Whether you are organizing a corporate event, a private party, or a company gathering, Science Museum Oklahoma is the unique place for you.

Events at Science Museum Oklahoma are booked directly through the museum. For inquiries, please contact the museum’s corporate and event sales coordinator at or (405) 602-3684. For more information, visit

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Science Museum of Oklahoma - Science Floor

Science Museum Oklahoma

Science Floor
Place Capacity
Plated Meal 200 Guests
Buffet Meal 200 Guests
Standing Reception 350 Guests
Big Game Theory
Place Capacity
Plated Meal 500 Guests
smART Space
Place Capacity
Standing Reception 150 Guests
Mind Games
Place Capacity
Plated Meal 150 Guests
Buffet Meal 150 Guests
Standing Reception 200 Guests
Goldman Room
Place Capacity
Plated Meal 140 Guests
Buffet Meal 125 Guests
Standing Reception 175 Guests
Theatre Seating 175 Guests
The Flight Deck
Place Capacity
Plated Meal 40 Guests
Buffet Meal 40 Guests
Standing Reception 55 Guests
Theatre Seating 50 Guests
Place Capacity
Theatre Seating 500 Guests
Place Capacity
Plated Meal 80 Guests
Buffet Meal 80 Guests
Standing Reception 100 Guests
Place Capacity
Standing Reception 50 Guests
Theatre Seating 50 Guests